Cherry Wellness is adding two new products to its growing portfolio of health-related equipment as it releases the Smart Neck Wrap and Smart Knee Wrap.

Via its Planar Heating element, the Cherry Wellness Smart Neck Wrap is the perfect companion to easing the sore and painful neck, thanks to the heat’s power to improve blood circulation around the neck area. This sort of relief is especially useful after some long hours of work, including excessive exposure to the computer.

But you do not necessarily always have to feel discomforted to use the Smart Neck Wrap. It can also be used simply as a means of relaxation, such as when lounging around the house.


Meanwhile, for those who are frequently on their legs moving about or doing strenuous activities that impact the legs, the Cherry Wellness Smart Knee Wrap makes for a perfect cushion to mitigate the force we commonly exert on the knees. Like the Smart Neck Wrap, this smart knee equipment also utilizes heat to soothe the tenderness felt within or around the knees themselves.

The Cherry Wellness Smart Neck Wrap launches for the introductory price of Php2,175 while the Cherry Wellness Smart Knee Wrap will sell for Php2,995, both available via the Cherry Shop PH.

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