Often dismissed as simple embellishments to any room, LED strip lights are arguably an undervalued piece of technology of today. Although the opposite of the argument is also fairly understandable as well, it does not mean that this type of accessory will forever be underappreciated. Especially not now that Cherry Home has come up with something unique, involving the tech—the Cherry Home Smart Multi-Colored Strip Lights.

At 5 meters long, the Smart Multi-Colored Strip Lights is equipped with 16 million RGB varicolored lights and is also incorporated with some cool functionalities.

Most notable of these quirks is the so-called Music Rhythm Adaptive, which gives the innovative LED strip lights the ability to change in color and beat depending on the stimuli it receives—be it a piece of music running in the background or your voice.


Another noteworthy feature is its ability to receive and follow commands. Using either a Google or Alexa system, you can use your voice to verbally send out commands. But if you’re feeling old-school, there’s also a physical remote control—or even just use your smartphone with the Cherry Home app installed—to give you authority over it.

If you are looking to set or amplify the mood, there’s also the Dream Feature, which is essentially a showcase of dynamic lights based on one of eight options.

But while it may not be much of a big deal for indoor use, it is also IP65 Water-Resistant, which gives the lighting device a nice endurance against accidental water spills.

The Cherry Home Smart Multi-Colored Strip Lights are currently available at the Cherry Shop PH for Php1,380.

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