The Fall Guys just recently went for free, to a massive fanfare of gamers looking to play a trendy game from recent years. But while many rallies to multiple different platforms to get their free copy of the game, much to their delight, trying to get the same dopamine rush in-game may not be as smooth—at least, not for those looking to receive their rewards after a successful play session. As it appears, the game is suffering from a bug that prevents users from literally claiming their reward post-game.

To date, the developers still have not issued a solution or still have not fixed the technical problem. But there are workarounds you can take in potentially resolving the problem, at least as far as wanting to get what you are due after a successful run in the game.

Fix Fall Guys Unable to Claim Rewards Issue


If you suddenly felt stuck on the Rewards screen following the hype of a reward, then you are not alone. Many are reporting a similar case. Intuitively, the step to addressing the glitch is to restart the game—and you are prudent and correct for having that as a step. Because, while the results vary, it does present a solution to the problem involving the claiming of rewards in Fall Guys.

Some players, who are lucky enough, were able to at least get a fraction of their rewards, while others, who happen to be the most fortunate, get theirs in full. But for the unlucky ones, merely restarting the Fall Guys does not seem to do anything substantial at all.

The bug may have a temporary fix. But it also appears to be persistent, with claims from users saying that the error exists per every play session—much to some choosing to leave the game while in its current state. If you are looking to have a fun time, then choosing to play Fall Guys is not ideal at this point. It is most likely that you will find a better experience with the game in a more stable state in the future.

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