DFNN Inc. and Nautilus Data Technologies have signed an agreement for a joint project that will bring to life a data center within Bataan’s Freeport Area.

Per the inked memorandum of understanding (MOU), the two companies will converge in their effort and resources for the project.

Coming at a time during the country’s shift to digital, the project is regarded as being highly anticipated for its crucial role in the transformation, partly induced by the recent and still ongoing pandemic that influenced consumer behavior.

Nautilus, for its part, is critical in the endeavor, thanks to its wide acclaim for having built the leading and world’s most innovative water-cooled data center blueprint. For its design, the enterprise has introduced never-before-seen advantages in the field, notably energy-saving, environmental sustainability, water conservation, and fast global scalability.

It’s not just the Philippines that are becoming invested in such an infrastructure, however. Its SEA neighbors appear to be on it as well, with Indonesia currently leading the pack.

Per IDC, an estimated $6.3 billion of revenues is being anticipated from Indonesia’s local system, comprising of local customers and partners, for Microsoft’s data center investment in the country.

Source: Inquirer

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