Along with thousands of solar-powered LED streetlights, waiting sheds that offer free Wi-Fi to commuters are heading to certain locations in Manila within a few weeks.

These high-tech waiting sheds, which will also come with monitoring cameras and LED-powered ad signboards, are part of the local officials’ revival plans for the congested capital. Besides offering free access to the Internet, they will also be used to conveniently distribute information to the masses.

Mayor Joseph Estrada stated that these projects are to come at no cost to the city, given that private company Global Gold Goal Inc., is deploying the equipment as an act of charity. Estimated time of completion to cover Manila’s six districts is within a couple of years.

The modern waiting sheds will soon be set up in as soon as two weeks at certain loading-unloading zones, including—but not limited to—the following:

  • Park N’ Ride Lawton Terminal
  • Manila Multimodal Terminal
  • Luneta Park
  • V. Mapa
  • Pureza Street
  • Arlegui Street

Before long, commuters who frequent these areas will at least be able to check their social networks while waiting for the bus. When that happens, let’s just hope this doesn’t encourage increased thefts, what with many mobile devices being used out in the open.

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  1. ok ito for modernization and all, pero sana may police visibility din or else ang snatchers lang ang magkaroon ng bagong “hot spots…”