Popular accessory maker Dbrand is suing Castify for allegedly copying the design of its transparent Teardown skins and cases.

The Dbrand Teardown series was created with YouTuber Zack Nelson of the JerryRigEverything channel. The design looks like the internals of the hardware as if they’ve been stripped down.


As per Nelson, they went to “extreme lengths to ensure that every Teardown skin is an accurate representation” of the internals of each device. However, the duo pointed out that they added several easter eggs as a treat to their fans — such easter eggs have become solid evidence that Casetify ripped off Dbrand’s design.

One of the copies included the signature phrase of Nelson: “Glass is glass, and glass breaks” is in almost all JerryRigEverything videos, spoken as Nelson tests the durability of a device’s glass screen. Even Dbrand’s own logo allegedly made its way to Casetify cases.

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Nelson also pointed out how the quality of Casetify’s cases is “extraordinarily subpar.”

The YouTuber also said that earlier this year, a user on X said that Casetify is selling a transparent case for a Samsung phone, but instead shows the internals of an iPhone.

Later, Casetify released its Inside Out line, which had more accurate representations of the internals of the devices, which appeared to be copied from Dbrand’s Teardown line.


Nelson explained that, after using a detailed scanner to copy the internals of a device, he and the Dbrand team have polished and modified the design and added tiny details to make them more realistic (i.e. adding coils for wireless charging) — such special modifications are also found on Casetify’s Inside Out.

In the suit, which was filed in a Toronto court, Dbrand claims that 45 of the Casetify Inside Out products infringed their copyrighted works. The company is asking for punitive and exemplary damages and more.

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