De Lima seeks tax exemption on gadgets, digital education stuff


Senator Leila de Lima is asking the Senate to offset the value-added tax on electronics and other materials required in digital education in a bid to support teachers and students amid an ongoing crisis.

According to the senator, the plea must be considered if the national government is committed to live up to its proclamation of not leaving any learner behind.

The lawmaker added that the demands of e-learning must not be met solely by the “goodwill” and “personal initiatives” of others, citing that “system problems require systemic solutions.”

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De Lima further stated that if both DepEd (Department of Education) and CHED (Commission on Higher Education) are persistent about resuming classes, it is the needs of the marginalized individuals that must be addressed “first and foremost.” Stressing the need to alleviate the expenses that only add as burden to both teachers and students.


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