Qualified drivers without any traffic violations will soon be awarded with driver’s license with 10 years validity.

But before anyone gets confused: no, it’s not everyone. According to Edgar Galvante, Land Transportation Office‘s (LTO) Assistant Secretary, only those drivers with no road traffic violation records will be given the 10-year driver’s license. Everyone else will still get 5-year validity.

This new policy is scheduled to be implemented by October 2021, as the change has already been signed into law under Republic Act. No. 10930 back in 2019.


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Aside from the longer license validity, LTO will also implement a new demerit system. Violations will now be divided in three: light (1 demerit point), less grave (3 demerit points), and grave (5 demerit points).

All points within the current validity of a driver’s license will be added up and appropriate penalties will be given to those with plenty of demerits. It may be fines or even suspension and revocation of driver’s license, depending on the situation.

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