A pre-lockdown survey has come up with an interesting report which claims that Pinoys are likely to spend more if their mobile or home broadband service came bundled with carrier-bundled over-the-top (OTT) media services.

The same report also claims that consumers who find appeal in the offer tend to remain loyal to their service provider. With this notion in mind, it is extrapolated that the overall number of paying subscribers are likely to increase should the service itself becomes more affordable and accessible via the same bundling tactic in addition to game-changing pricing models.

The results of the survey comes from a study by the analyst firm Ovum on behalf of communications software company Amdocs, involving 4,000 participants across the emerging markets in the Asia Pacific. At least a fifth of the overall respondents were Filipinos.

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Here are the key findings involving Pinoy consumers:

  • 44% of the Filipino participants claim that the bundled OTT media service compels them to spend more for mobile or fixed broadband service. Similarly, those same respondents state that they are less likely to switch to other providers because of the accessibility of the OTT media service.
  • Filipinos are the most avid for paid online video despite numbering least as bundlers in the emerging markets. 
  • Of the 55% of Pinoys who are subscribed to paid OTT services, only half availed of bundled service.
  • The price for OTT services remain expensive for the average Filipino which makes pay-per-use and advertising modeling more appealing in comparison to monthly subscriptions. 

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