Third telco in the Philippines tapped global brand Nokia to bring 5G services in Mindanao.

The deal means Nokia will help DITO Telecommunity bring 5G services to subscribers in Mindanao. As you know, this advanced technology offers superior speeds, with high capacity, low latency, while also keeping costs down with better energy efficiency.

For it to work, Nokia will be providing DITO the right equipment like a big MIMO, multi-band, Single RAN AirScale hardware that will help create Radio Access Network (RAN) and 5G infrastructure to put on on Mindanao.

DITO will also use Nokia’s NetAct solution for its network management and daily network operations. Plus, configuration management, monitoring, and software management.


The Finnish company has also provided digital deployment and design for faster time to market. Plus, optimization and technical support services.

This isn’t the first time DITO and Nokia teamed up to bring network services to the Philippines. Nokia has provided 4G equipment to DITO back in 2020.

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