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The leading drone manufacturer has a new product and it looks promising. This is the DJI Spark, the smallest aircraft that the company has ever made.

Just when we taught that DJI has shrunk the drone enough with the Mavic Pro, here comes another one. The new drone’s body is even the size of a smartphone. On the downside, the propellers are not retractable, making it a bit challenging to store in a bag or pocket.

Unlike the company’s previous drones, the DJI Spark will cater the mainstream market. Consumers who are looking for an uncomplicated drone for recreational use, not in an elaborate video production.

The new DJI Spark drone lets you take selfies to a whole new level

With that said, they’ve made operating the Spark easy and intuitive. Heck, you can even use it without the clunky controller or smartphone app. Thanks to its camera and sensors, it can recognize different gestures to take commands.

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For one, the aircraft can instantly take off right from your hand (DJI is offering Propeller Guards to make sure your fingers are safe). After powering it on, the Spark enables the FaceAware feature. It will recognize your face and will start hovering within your vicinity.

DJI Spark Features

What’s cooler is that you can control it using your palm. And once the frame is set, you can ask it to take the shot with just a hand gesture. You can still opt for the physical remote controller if you want to. The small drone is also compatible with the DJI Goggles for incredible first-person view action.

Other than the hand gestures, the DJI Spark also features other Intelligent Flight Modes: TapFly lets you point on the controller’s screen where you want the aircraft to go. It also has ActiveTrack, which lets the drone follow the subject you assigned it to.

Moreover, the DJI Spark has 12-megapixel CMOS sensor. The sensor is attached to a less impressive 2-axis gimbal. It can also have a speed of 50kph with 16 minutes of flight time. And to really entice the mainstream audience, DJI will be offering different color options for the first time.

DJI Spark

The DJI Spark is currently under pre-order and will start shipping in mid-June. The drone will retail for USD499 for the basic package, while the More Combo will set you back about USD699.

MSI-ECS, DJI’s official distributor in the country, is yet to release the official pricing of the product. For the meantime, you can check out the full price list of other DJI products here.

Source: DJI

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