The European Union has published its latest Common Charger directive.

This is after the EU law was passed which mandates that all devices sold in the EU will all have USB Type-C ports. That includes phones, tablets, headsets, cameras, headphones and earbuds, handheld videogame consoles, e-readers, portable speakers, keyboards and mice, and portable navigation systems.

What’s more, if the charging support is higher than 15W, they are also required to include USB Power Delivery (PD).

The obvious goal is to eliminate e-waste and to make things much easier for users.


This new law greatly affects Apple, which insists on implementing its proprietary Lightning ports and cables on iPhones and other accessories, despite the switch to USB Type-C on their iPads and Macs.

Still, with MagSafe wireless technology, Apple may break the USB-C-only rule by not including a port at all and simply relying on wireless charging and data transfer.

That said, Apple still has two years to decide and implement as EU’s Common Charger law will take effect on December 28, 2024. The law will also apply to laptops from April 28, 2026. The laws, regulations, and administrative provisions that are necessary to comply with the directive are expected to be published on December 28, 2023.

Source: EUR-Lex

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