When you’re doing retail business online, better check if those deposit slips are legit before shipping the customer’s orders.

First reported by YugaTech, an unidentified group of scammers are currently at large and making fake deposit slips. The papers themselves are original BDO slips, but the details printed on them are false. Scammers send photos of these as their proofs of purchase, fooling online sellers into shipping items.

BDO fake vs real deposit slips

To help reduce these scamming incidents, BDO is now using another type of paper for their deposit slips. If you’re an online seller, it’s best to get in touch with the banks to ensure if cash has really been deposited in your accounts. Or better yet, don’t use bank deposits as your payment method. How about Paypal, GCash, or cash on delivery?

[Source: YugaTech]

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