A man who was abducted as a child managed to reunite with his parents 32 years after with the help of facial recognition.

Per South China Morning Post, Mao Yin was only a 2-year old child in 1988 when the boy was snatched and was sold for $845 to another couple. 

Mao Zhenjing and Li Jingzhi, his biological parents, have spent the next 30 years since Yin’s abduction looking for him, even appearing on a number of TV shows and distributing fliers of a missing child to call out for his finding.

According to the report, Mao Yin disappeared just across a Xian hotel when his father stepped away. Yin was subsequently sold to a couple withou a child in Sichuan. Afterwards, his name became ‘Gu Ningning’.

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Prior to reunification with his real parents, the police got a report that a certain man in Sichuan bought a child in late 1980’s.

Further investigations led to a man currently living in Mianyang, which gives off an impression of Mao.

Mao Yin’s identification was initially done through facial recognition technology using his baby photos of the past and was subsequently confirmed via DNA testing.

Coming from a statement at a press conference, Mao Yin is willing to spend time and catch up with his true biological parents.

Due to the sensitivity of the case, the police did not release any information regarding Mao Yin’s adoptive parents.

Via: CNN

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