When you think your parents are strict enough when they take away your phone, check out this kid’s situation: his dad deleted his progress on Minecraft AND banned him from the computer for a month. All this just for sleeping late. 

This post coming from Reddit sparked a controversy on whether it was alright for the parent to perform such an action to his child. According to the post, the dad explained that his 9-year-old boy worked on a Minecraft world where he had already built an amazing castle on an island. His son even showed it off. 

Apparently, due to the quarantine because of the pandemic, he noticed his son has been waking up late. Dad continues to share his story that his son usually wakes up at 7AM, but now he wakes up around 9AM or 10AM. The boy sets an alarm, but he would still ignore it. 

OP writes that waking up by himself is a skill his son needs to learn. He even told his son that he would receive consequences should he oversleep so his son understood that he must wake up on time. OP gave him a final warning one night, but the 9-year-old slept until 11AM. 

This prompted the father to delete the Minecraft World his son had been working on, as well as take away computer privileges. When his son woke up to find it gone, OP writes that he started crying and screaming and wouldn’t eat his meals. Apparently, the boy’s been working on that world for a year now. 

Now, this story was met with comments by various users regarding how the boy should be disciplined, but this isn’t the only way to do it. 


Comments include that there is a possibility that—like so many of us stuck at home due to the virus—the boy was stressed and anxious, and that this was his way of coping up with the confusion going on around the world. Users said that the boy possibly had no other way of pouring his creative juices, so this was his only option.

While this was going on, another Reddit post of the similar kind was on the hot seat. This time it came from the Relationships subreddit. This time, it’s with the Animal Crossing franchise. 

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The story here was about a boyfriend who refused to prepare dinner after finding out they were lacking ingredients. The girl got angry and decided to take a shower. When she got out, her boyfriend had his hands on her Animal Crossing and had destroyed her entire island. Again, this sparked debate that destroying someone’s creativity was just plain cruelty. 

With the quarantine getting us all bored and trying to find our ways to deal with our situation, video games had become a top avenue. Both children and adults have turned to games in order to unleash their emotions. What do you think of these stories? What’s your stand? Are they a sign of immaturity? Let us know your opinions in the comment section below. 

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  1. That dad should have his work computure wipes to see what it is like to have no data left let him feel what hos son feels so he can leram hos lesson. Sleeping in late has nothing to do it is the body;s way of getting the sleep it needs.