7-Eleven, the popular international chain of convenience stores, and Nike, the prominent manufacturer of shoes, are teaming up to come up with a limited-time sneaker.

Featuring a color scheme that is reminiscent of the convenient store brand and the shoemaker’s logo attached to it, the pair of shoes dubbed the “SB Dunk Low” is visibly a cooperative project between the two notable brands.


While photos of the product are already made available across the internet, it is still in production stage and will not see actual release until later in the year.

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Fans of either Nike, 7-Eleven, or sneakers in general are definitely going gaga over this pair of shoes considering that the sneaker’s production is not going to be indefinite.

However, here is probably the real kicker to these pair of kickers—they may not be available worldwide post-launch as it might likely be Japan-exclusive.

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