Esports in NCAA? It might happen next season


The world is leaning more to technology these days, and really, you can see it reflected anywhere: education, business, even gaming. Now, the famous MOBA for the mobile platform—Mobile Legends: Bang Bang—is being considered to take part in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) games along with other games. 

That’s right, Mobile Legends, which has taken the country by storm may become a part of the NCAA, especially while the pandemic’s on-going, and the online platform has become the new normal. This was according to Fr. Vic Calvo, Colegio de San Juan de Letran’s management committee chairman. 

Fr. Calvo is also eyeing NBA 2K to accompany the action-packed mobile online battle royale. This seems plausible as basketball (which the NBA 2K20 game simulates) is such a huge part of tournaments and the culture; whereas, NBA 2K allows players to create their very own MyPlayer and proceed to have a career in the NBA to compete with other players in the block. 


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In the year 2019, the Philippines had already hosted its first esports competition which actually handed out medals. This was accomplished during the Southeast Asian Games (SEA). Mobile Legends was already part of the said competition—being the first video game included to give out awards. 

Other than the plans to have these online games part of the NCAA, there is also the concern on cost-cutting. This makes NCAA plan to add only basketball, volleyball, track and field, as well as swimming on the next season due to a reduced calendar. 

As of current, campus sports in the Philippines is being led by Esports AcadArena which showcases the partnership between Twitch/Amazon and Globe Telecom. 

What do you think? Should the NCAA include esports next season?

Via: Inquirer

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