Filipinos are heavy mobile phone users who spend at least 90 percent of their day hooked on their devices, a report has found.

Multinational communications company Telenor Asia recently published its “Digital Lives Decoded” report, or the first in a three-part study that analyzes the impact of mobile usage across eight markets in Asia, including the Philippines.

Of the 1,000 Filipinos who participated in the study, 73% responded that they spend five hours or more on their mobile devices every day. In comparison, Indonesian users (73%) are just as engaged as Filipinos, but only about half of users from Singapore (46%), Thailand (46%), and Vietnam (47%) are on their phones for five hours or more.


Filipinos also see mobile phone ownership as a good thing, as 91 percent of the respondents think that mobile devices help improve relationships with friends and family. Most of the Filipino respondents also said they use their mobile devices for e-learning and work.

Just as similar studies have found, the Telenor report also ranked the Philippines as the top country in terms of social media usage, with 70 percent of the respondents saying they use their phones for social networking every day.

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