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In today’s fast paced world, most gadgets often run out of juice during a typical working/school day. People aren’t always near power outlets, so they need something small and portable – power banks. But most of them aren’t small, though. In fact, they’re massive because they’re loaded with tons of power.

FluxMob Bolt isn’t a new player in the market, but they recently entered the Philippines to join the party. So what’s special about the Bolt? Unlike other regular powerbanks, the FluxMob Bolt offers the ability to charge your phone through its own Samsung Li-Ion 3000mAh battery pack and/or through a power outlet. Yes, it does have the capability to become a wall charger when you need it to. The Bolt comes in a classy package but it’s the only content of the box – no cables in sight.


FluxMob is a tiny device measuring at only 70mm x 34mm x 28mm. With how little this one is, it’s ridiculously impressive how they managed to fit in both a battery pack and wall adapter in it.FluxMob Bolt Powerbank-2

Our unit comes in crimson and black color which I really liked. The combination makes the device more pleasing in the eyes. Up front is a button which brings up the lights that shows how much charge the Bolt currently has. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes annoying that you need to press and hold the button for a short time to activate it and start charging your device. Most other portable power packs instantly turns on the charging when the cable is plugged in. At the bottom is the USB port wherein you can connect a microUSB or lightning cable to charge up your Android and Apple gadgets. If you have an MP3 player, wearable, wireless headphones – it should work too.FluxMob Bolt Powerbank - Android iPhone compatible

Wall Charger

The FluxMob Bolt works the same way as your typical wall charger. It’s meant as a replacement for your phone’s charging adapter but that’s only if your phone doesn’t support quick charging which requires the manufacturer’s own adapter. But in case you’re willing to sacrifice that feature, it’s also okay. It’s rated as 1A only which means the charging time is just on the average side. If you’re using an iPhone, it would charge at the same rate. However, something like the Galaxy S6 will take longer than usual.FluxMob-Bolt-wall-charger-powerbank-package

While used as a wall charger, it’s not going to lose its charge on the power pack so you can still use it afterwards.


The Bolt is a fantastic companion for those who are always on the move. Its 3000mAh Samsung Li-Ion battery can power up a smartphone for up to two charges (depending on battery size) and it can serve as a wall charger when you have a power outlet nearby. At Php3,000, it’s certainly not one of the cheapest power banks you can buy. However, it does offer a lot for such a tiny unit. The Bolt has been my go to powerbank for a couple of weeks now and I intend on using it for much longer as it fits my needs very well. If you’re like me who doesn’t need anything better than 1 full charge and like the flexibility of having a wall charger, this one’s for you.FluxMob Bolt Powerbank-6

FluxMob Bolt is now available on Power Mac Centers nationwide.

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  1. Don’t waste your money on this piece of junk. My Bolt literally fell apart a couple of days ago. When I pulled down the prongs to charge it into a wall, one prong broke and fell off, rendering it inoperable. The plastic holding it in place just snapped. It’s made of subpar plastic, manufactured by some plant in China (the company doesn’t list where on its website).