Foldable smartphone shipments are gaining steam, as per the recent report from IDC.

It’s said that last year, there were about 7.1 million foldable phones shipped across the world. That’s a 264.3% jump from 2020’s 1.9 million units. Albeit, that’s still only 0.5% of the total smartphone market share in 2021.


IDC projects that foldable phone shipments could reach 27.6 million by 2025 with a total market value of USD29 billion. If true, that’s still only 1.8% of the smartphone market on that said year.

As per the report, foldable phones are gaining attention slowly but surely thanks to Samsung.

While devices like the Galaxy Fold 3 look really innovative thanks to being a phone-tablet hybrid, it’s devices like the Galaxy Z Flip 3 that are gaining more attention. It has a sleeker design that looks more practical to use on a daily. Plus, it’s significantly cheaper than the Fold.

The real battle here is which between flip or fold is the best form factor. Right now, the flip appears to be winning, with brands like Huawei also releasing their own. Albeit, as per Nabila Popal of IDC, it’s still too early to declare a winner.

This is why we’re still seeing new fold devices like the OPPO Find N and Honor Magic V. If you remember, tablet-like foldables were the first prototypes we’ve seen. Companies might want to first make money from all those years of research before finally following the Galaxy Z Flip or Huawei P50 Pocket.

Source: IDC

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