More than 30 users of the mobile wallet platform GCash have submitted a complaint to the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group after discovering they lost money from their accounts due to unauthorized transactions.

As reported by 24 Oras, the transactions were made without the approval or knowledge of the complainants, who said they did not receive the typical one-time passwords (OTP) that are used to approve money transfers and other transactions.

Michelle Sabino, a spokesperson for PNP-ACG, said they could only pursue the culprits if Mynt, the operating company of GCash and a subsidiary of Globe, cooperates with the investigation. She also said the company would be the one who could enlighten the complainants, as the company has the means to see the “ins and outs” of unauthorized transactions through their own anti-fraud department.

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In light of the incident, GCash released a statement that it is now working with the authorities to apprehend the people behind the fraud. The company is also recommending its Double Safe feature to its users to protect their accounts. It’s a form of two-factor authentication requiring facial recognition.

GCash users are also reminded to be wary of scammers and to refrain from disclosing their account PINs and OTPs to anyone under any circumstance. If you are also a victim of fraud, here’s how you can report scammers to GCash customer service.

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