The Globe Rewards system is the telco’s way to give thanks to its customers. Every time you reload or pay your bill, you’d earn points that you can redeem for other services the company offers.

Redeeming Globe Rewards for yourself is fairly easy if you haven’t tried it. There are tons of rewards you can claim in case you need data, calls, or SMS allocation during emergencies.

But what if you’ve already accumulated tons of points but can’t find a use for them? Well, you can do two things before it expires. One, you can donate it to charity via the GlobeOne app or, share a reward with a friend who needs it.


That said, today we’ll show you how you can redeem and share Globe Rewards with a friend or family. Let’s begin.


How to redeem and share Globe Rewards with another subscriber

Step 1: Open the GlobeOne app and tap Redeem Rewards.


Step 2: Choose the promo or any offer you want to share. For this guide, we’re choosing SURF250MB that’s valid for 1 day and costs 4 points.


Step 3: Tap “Send as a gift”.


Step 4: Input the mobile number of the person you want to share it with.


Step 5: Click Redeem.


Step 6: You will be shown a confirmation that the transaction was successful.


What Globe Rewards can I share?

You can use your points to share Globe Rewards Promos and Vouchers with other users. You can check the list of promos here, which includes various data allocations, calls, or SMS. This is perfect if your friends or family need it for emergencies.

How many times I can share Globe Rewards?

Globe Prepaid users can send or gift rewards to other users 3x a day with a maximum of 500 points. Meanwhile, Globe Postpaid can only share once a day with 1,500 maximum points. These limits are on top of the regular rewards transactions request limit per week.

How many times can I receive Globe Rewards as a gift?

Globe Prepaid users can only receive Rewards 3x a day with a max of 500 points, while Globe Postpaid users are limited to 1 Reward per day with a max of 1,500 points.

Can I share Globe Rewards Points?

Unfortunately, no. Users are not allowed to send or receive Rewards Points. Instead, they can only send Reward Promos and Other offerings like vouchers.

These are the things you should know regarding sharing Globe Rewards as a gift to other subscribers.

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