Do you need a data promo for emergencies? Want to pay for tangible items without using real money? Try using your Globe Rewards points.

The Globe Rewards program allows you to earn points every time you reload your prepaid number, pay your postpaid bill, and others. The points you make can be used to redeem different goods and services.

There is a lot to talk about Globe Rewards points: from how you can earn points, redeem rewards, where you can use the points, and a whole lot more. We’ll be discussing all of them here.

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What is the Globe Rewards program?

All Globe users and subscribers of their other brands (TM, Prepaid WiFi, etc.) are automatically included in the company’s Rewards Program which offers special treats. There are two types of Globe Rewards points:

First, there are the Regular Points, which you can earn from prepaid reloads, postpaid bills, and converted points from partners’ rewards programs.

Secondly, there are Bound Points, which are free rewards awarded from promo offers.

Do Globe Rewards points expire?

The Regular Points that you’ve earned this year are valid until the next year. Meanwhile, Bonus Points expire quicker since “these are given for free”, as per the telco’s website.

How to check my Globe points?

Here are the two ways you can check how many Globe Rewards points you have:

  • Dial *143#
  • via the GlobeOne app

How to earn Globe Rewards points

For Globe Prepaid and TM customers, the rewards points are computed based on your regular load and promo purchases. On the other hand, the points for Globe Postpaid subscribers are computed based on their monthly bills.

Globe Home Prepaid WiFi customers can earn points for every Php200 load purchase from retailers.


Can I earn Globe Rewards points if I’m a TM, Globe Postpaid, or Home WiFi user?

Yes. You can earn Globe Rewards points even if you’re a TM subscriber, Globe Postpaid plan owner, Globe Home WiFi, and more. You can check the list below of services that let you earn Globe Rewards:

  • Globe Prepaid
  • TM
  • Globe Postpaid
  • Globe At Home
  • Globe Home Prepaid WiFi
  • Downloading the Globe app for bonus points
  • SG/EG Corp. Individual
  • Autoload Max Retailers

How to redeem Globe Rewards

You can use your Globe points to redeem rewards or even share them with friends and family. You can check them out below.

How to use Globe Rewards to redeem promos, donations, etc

Step 1: Download the GlobeOne app available on both Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS. Then, create an account using your mobile number.


Step 2: Open the app and tap “Redeem Rewards”.


Step 3: Look for the promo, donation, subscription, or anything you want to redeem. For this guide, we’re choosing SURF100MB, which comes with 100MB of open-access data that’s valid for 1 day. It costs 2pts.


Step 4: Make sure that the recipient number is correct. Finally, tap Redeem.


Step 5: You’d be shown a confirmation that the transaction was successful, as well as your remaining Rewards points.


How to use Globe Rewards Pay with points on stores and establishments?

Step 1: If you haven’t already, download the GlobeOne app on iOS and Android and set up an account.

Step 2: Launch the app and click Redeem Rewards.

Step 3: Tap Pay with points.


Step 4: Scan the QR code on the storefront. Alternatively, you can manually enter the code. Once done, settle the payment using your Rewards points.


How to share Globe Rewards by gifting

Step 1: Open the GlobeOne app and click on Redeem Rewards.

Step 2: Choose the promo or any offer you want to share. For this guide, we’re choosing SURF250MB that’s valid for 1 day and costs 4pts.


Step 3: Tap “Send as a gift”.


Step 4: Input the mobile number you want to share it with.


Step 5: Tap Redeem.


Step 6: You’d be shown a confirmation that the transaction was successful.


Where can I use my Globe Rewards points?

You can use your Globe Rewards points on a lot of things. Personally, we use it for redeeming data, text, and call promos in case of emergencies. You can check the list below on where you can use your earned Globe points:

  • Data, call, and text promos
  • Pay with points on over 3,000 partner establishments across the country
  • Use points to pay for gas
  • Convert points to loyalty programs like SM Advantage Card points
  • Donate to causes like NGOs, foundations, and other causes
  • Use points for digital vouchers
  • Check the Globe One app for more special offerings

What Globe Rewards can I redeem with my points?

As said earlier, you can use your Globe points to redeem data, call, and text promos. This is where we use it the most in case we ran out of prepaid data and need to have one for emergencies. You can redeem 100MB, 250MB, and more, but take note that all of them only have a 1-day validity.

You can also use your points to donate to non-government organizations (NGOs), use them for discount vouchers, and even meals. You can check the full list of Globe Rewards for more.

What establishments accept Globe Rewards Pay with points?

Here’s a list of establishments that accepts Globe Rewards points as a mode of payment. There could be more, so make sure you check with the store’s cashier if they take Globe points.


  • Rustan’s
  • National Book Store
  • Marks & Spencer
  • The Bistro Group
  • Fully Booked
  • Landers Superstore
  • Bench
  • The SM Store
  • American Eagle Outfitters
  • Digibabe
  • Rawbites
  • Ikea
  • La Senza
  • Lazada
  • Shopee
  • Zalora
  • 0917 Lifestyle
  • Power Mac Center
  • Toys R Us
  • Razer Gold
  • True Value
  • Digital Walker


  • Jollibee
  • McDonalds
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  • Krispy Kreme
  • GrabFood
  • Potato Corner
  • Chatime
  • Coco Fresh Tea & Juice
  • Salat Stop
  • Tim Ho Wan
  • Pound
  • 8Cuts Burgers
  • The Bistro Group
  • Jamba Juice
  • Figaro
  • Din Tai Fung
  • Manam
  • OOMa
  • Max’s Restaurant
  • KFC
  • Dairy Queen


  • SM Cinema
  • SM IMAX and Director’s Club
  • Ayala Cinemas
  • Quantum Amusement
  • Kumu
  • HBO Go
  • Garena
  • Da Vinci
  • Discovery+
  • Todoist
  • Viu
  • Upstream
  • Vivamax
  • WeTV

Travel and Leisure

  • AirAsia
  • Shell


  • Mercury Drug
  • Electric Studio

These are all the things you should know about Globe Rewards points. Is there something you want to know that isn’t here? Ask them in the comments below and we’ll try to add them.

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