Globe Telecom CEO Ernest Cu made a statement after PLDT CEO Manny Pangilinan said that competitors “pull down” the Philippines in global internet rankings.

During Globe’s first-quarter earnings briefing, Cu was asked to comment on Pangilinan’s statement. The Globe CEO responded by saying that “it’s not all about speed” and cautioned Pangilinan to be very careful about making statements such as that. You can read the full statement below.

I will be very careful about making statements given that we are in a similar position [with PLDT] as legacy telco, given the fact that they compete with an upstart like Converge – an all-fiber company

He added that it’s hard to say if emerging telcos like Converge ICT — one of those “competitors” — contribute to the pull down of PH rankings considering they offer an all-fiber network, which is faster than the hybrid network that PLDT and Globe use. Ernest Cu added that:

“It’s not all about speed. It’s really about what you should experience.”

He said added that:

“Frankly, I don’t know if you would feel the difference between a 40-Mbps (megabits per second) network and a 30-Mbps network.”

Internet research firm Ookla said that the Philippines is at the 81st and 86th places in fixed broadband and mobile internet ranking, respectively

The same firm recently reported that Converge ICT has most consistent fixed internet in 5 regions.

Via: Rappler

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