Globe‘s very own LTE service has been officially launched last Wednesday. They showed a demo of speedtests on the media of their LTE which claims to burst a speed of up to 42Mbps. It has two offers, the first one is the Tattoo Black Plan 1799 which promises a speed of 28Mbps, and the other one is Tattoo Black Elite 2499 which promises a speed of 42Mbps.


The Tattoo Black Plan 1799, as the name suggests, will set you back a to Php1799 bill per month. It is the cheaper alternative against the Elite plan and this is for those who doesn’t need the tremendous speed the other one has to offer. It will also include a free 4G LTE USB stick, nationwide concierge assistance, and discounts at partner establishments. The subscribers of this plan can also upgrade to a Pocket Wi-Fi Superstick for an additional Php150 monthly fee.


The Tattoo Black Elite Plan 2499 will be priced at Php2499 a month. This is suited for people who loves downloading and streaming online. It nabs you a speed of up to 42Mbps which can easily download a movie or so in just a few minutes. Regarding the streaming, it will be continuous for sure since the speed can carry the heavy load the videos need. Apart from this awesome speed, Tattoo Black Elite subscribers will also get a dedicated hotline for any customer issues, a Globe relationship manager, priority reservation on Globe handset and tablet devices, and the priority in Globe stores. Moreover, this will include a free Superstick Pocket Wi-Fi device to fully enjoy the LTE by sharing the connection to your family and friends.


The Globe Tattoo Black uses the same Huawei 4G LTE USB dongle as the Smart‘s LTE service. This means that the overall speed of the two network will solely depend to themselves (and the location, of course) since they use the same LTE USB stick.

The Tattoo Black Plans will get unlimited bandwidth until January 31, 2013. After that, the Globe Tattoo Black plan 1799 will be capped to 12GB per month while the Globe Tattoo Black Elite 2499 will be given 15GB of bandwidth per month.

The Globe Tattoo Black will first roll out in Makati while other key locations will be added gradually as they improve their LTE service. There is still no concrete details on when will the Tattoo Black reach other places but rest assured that we will report it immediately. Globe will be deploying around 100  LTE network towers by the end of the year so we could expect that it will be on various locations around the country  in just a few months.

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  1. Tattoo Globe LTE is quite good when it comes for speed. The
    only thing is that there are many agents who are selling their products tells
    lie. In my case, I bought 1299 3mbps bundle plan. I was supposed to get free
    landline phone. They just gave me an awkward and useless phone through which I
    can only call GLOBE and TM. Not only this they sent me a telephone bill for
    599peso, for the one which i never used. This is quite ridiculous. When I
    complained then they waived that bill. What if I have not complained? It is big
    question mark…..

    So dear consumers be careful what are you buying. For me
    Tatto Globe LTE speed is good but the impression I got of them is quite

    Be care ful Tatto Globe LTE bundle plans !