Google is designing Android “P” with display notch in mind

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The iPhone X’s display notch wasn’t the company’s best design idea. Yet, we’re seeing a lot of companies replicating it. And if these new reports are true, we might be seeing it more on future Android devices.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Google’s focus on Android P will be in the design department. Unsurprisingly, Google really wants to capture the hearts of iPhone users so a drastic design change could be really handy for that attempt.

And it looks like Google will go as far as tailoring their upcoming update to accommodate the screen notch that Apple’s iPhone X introduced to us. But if you think about, it’s not really a terrible idea.


As you might notice, a lot of Android manufacturers have been coming up with smartphones with ultra-thin and almost non-existent bezels. Having a small notch on the top might be inevitable, especially when you’re trying to cram in additional tech inside.

With that, it’s Android’s responsibility to support these ambitions. Furthermore, “notched” displays isn’t Google’s only consideration when designing the Android P. It is also said that the upcoming Android update will have better support for different form factors. For one, there are the multiple screens found on the ZTE Axon M or the rumored Samsung foldable screen smartphone.

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Furthermore, we can also expect Google to further hammer their Assistant service to Android. They are also said to allow third-party apps to directly incorporate the service into their own applications.

If we are to follow Android’s launch history, we might expect the “P” version to come out as a developer preview around next month. This is kind of ironic considering that its predecessor, the Android Oreo, hasn’t been extensively distributed to Android devices just yet.

Source: Bloomberg


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