One of the biggest privacy feature that Apple introduced on iOS is also coming to Android.

Apple has introduced a new feature on iOS 14.5 that will give iPhone users the opportunity to opt-out of per-app ad tracking. Apps are using the personal data collected to sell personalized ad spots to advertisers.

Apple said that this feature would promote privacy and transparency in terms of data collection.

Since then, advertisers were forced to shift to Android. However, it looks like both app developers and advertisers are in for another problem.

Now, Google confirmed that it would bring the same feature to the upcoming Android 12 update. However, it may not be as bold as what Apple did.

Once the new update arrives, app developers can no longer access a user’s advertising ID. They can still request the said ID but will only receive a string of zeroes.

As of writing, some sort of this feature is already available on Android. Users can opt-out of ad personalization by accessing the Ads section inside the Google tab in the settings menu. However, an app developer can still access the Advertising ID when they request it, bypassing the user’s initial choice.

In Android 12, there will be an alternative method for analytics and fraud prevention that doesn’t require an Advertising ID, so apps can’t collect the IDs if the user has opted out. You can read the company’s statement below:

Starting in late 2021, when a user opts out of interest-based advertising or ads personalization, the advertising identifier will not be available. You will receive a string of zeros in place of the identifier.

The Android opt-out of ad tracking feature will be available later this year on devices with Android 12 OS. Products that run on Google Play Services will get it in 2022.


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