Apple’s new and controversial anti-tracking feature is about to go live on iOS and iPad devices.

Last Thursday, Apple seeded the release candidates for iOS 14.4 to developers. This is possibly the last step before the final version comes out.

Release Candidate is Apple’s new call for Golden Master, the final version of any OS version being tested out before it hits public devices.

This means that Apple’s new anti-tracking feature is about to go live. Announced back in December, it will give user a chance to choose if they want apps to track their activities or not.

For a perspective, tracking activities will help advertisers to target users better. With that, it was no surprise that Facebook — a company that relies on ads for revenue — was against the new feature.

Apparently, the feature was supposed to go live months ago, but was pushed back due to some big companies’ resistance.

Apple’s software lead said that violators may have their app removed from the App Store.

Other than anti-tracking, iOS 14.4 will also have improvements like the enhanced handing off audio feature to a HomePod or HomePod mini. It will also warn iPhone users if the camera module was replaced with a non Apple genuine one.

The watchOS 7.3 and tvOS 14.4 versions will also be released alongside iOS 14.4.

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