Other than its visual and usability improvements, the iOS 14 is getting a new security feature dubbed as Anti-Tracking Policy.

Early next year, apps will be required to ask an opt-in permission before they can collect random advertising identifier from the user. This identifier is used by developers and advertisers to show personalized ads and helps them track how effective their campaigns are doing.


This latest feature should’ve arrived to iPhone devices when the final version of iOS 14 was seeded back in September. However, it was postponed until the first months of 2021 to give developers enough time to accommodate it.

Big app developers that rely on ads for revenue have voiced their dismay at the new feature. Facebook, for one, said that the anti-tracking efforts would affect small businesses and are anticompetitive.

However, Apple said that their concern is users being tracked without them knowing and having their data sold to advertisers. The Cupertino tech giant added that tracking users’ activities across apps and websites owned by different companies, and selling such data, are invasive and creepy.


With that, Apple chief of software engineering Craig Federighi warned that violators may have their app removed from the App Store.

He emphasized that the company expects everyone to adapt to the change and even social media giants have no choice but to obey.

Via: Macrumors

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