Showing unsolicited ads on a device’s native UI has been frowned upon. I mean, you already bought the product; you didn’t get it for free, so why the ads?

This behavior is normal to budget-oriented brands like Xiaomi, Realme, and Cherry Mobile as they try to recoup some of the costs that the sales from their cheap devices can’t cover. However, seeing such a move from prominent brands like Apple is quite disappointing.

Albeit, what Apple did is not as obtrusive or senseless as the others. Tom Warren of The Verge pointed out the issue in a Twitter post. Apparently, Apple is showing ads for their own products in the settings menu.

As you can see in the image above, there’s a tab in the settings menu promoting Apple Arcade‘s 3-month free trial. Apple promoting their own product kind of makes sense, since you might want to use it anyway. But, having it advertised to you in an unorthodox fashion still feels like a cheap move.

Image: Tom Warren | Twitter

Warren’s iOS ad gets worse for others. We supplied the Twitter thread with another screenshot from a different user that reveals additional ads for Apple TV Plus and AppleCare Plus coverage.

These ads are on top of the settings list, so you have to scroll longer to get to the setting you need adjusting. Honestly, this isn’t a big issue, but considering all the lavishness you’re paying for an Apple device, it really shouldn’t be there.


The issue seems to be an isolated case or possibly only limited to select markets. I’ve personally checked the settings menu in my iPhone XR that was bought here in the Philippines. I’m happy to report that no ad was found — or at least for now.

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