Smartphones have become cheaper in recent years. Despite the impressive hardware that brands were able to put in them. That’s why some Android OEMs like Xiaomi are putting ads on their software, in select markets like India, for some profit stability.

Realme has announced that they will follow suit. As you know, devices like the Realme 5 and 5 Pro are just too good for the price. With the introduction of ads or ‘app and content recommendations’ as what Realme sugarcoats it, the company will attempt to stay afloat and earn more out of its budget-friendly smartphones.


Devices running on ColorOS 6 and later will get a new update enabling the content recommendations. But unlike we’ve seen in other devices before, they will be less intrusive. As per Realme, the ads will only appear on the Security Check page every time you install apps and in the Phone Manager app.

Realme also promised that its ad system will ensure privacy protection that will comply with certain laws and regulations.


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But if ads really bother you that much, Realme is giving you an option to completely disable them. Although they will be enabled by default, having the option to disable them is a commendable move from Realme.

How to disable ads on Realme devices

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Additional Settings.
  3. Tap Get Recommendations
  4. Disable to ‘Receive app and content recommendations…’

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