The highly-anticipated Google I/O event was finally set to happen next month from June 27-29, 2012 at Moscone Center, San Francisco. For those who’s still unaware, Google I/O is not an Android-only event but rather it is a about the whole family it belongs. However, expect a huge part of this event to cover talks regarding developments about the hottest mobile operating system crafted by Google.


The three day event will tackle everything that is affiliated with Google– Blogger, Youtube, Android, Google+, Chrome, Maps, and the newest member, the Drive. Each day, it will focus on the assigned activities involving Google products and hold seminars and discussions about it. If you would like to know the detailed schedule, you can find it HERE.

In order to have the luxury to participate, one has to endure a $900 expense for an entry in the event although a special discount can be availed that can reduce the charge to $300 if you can prove that your a student, professor, or staff at any University/College. Sadly, the entrance passes were already sold out. Anyway, don’t worry because it will be streamed straight from their website. For the complete information about the event, visit the official Google Developers Portal.

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