Recent reports from the government are saying that the spread of COVID-19 is slowing down in the Philippines, but that doesn’t mean we should lower our guard against the disease. One new addition to our arsenal of tools in awareness and prevention is Google Maps with its COVID-19 updates.

With the latest mobile version, Google Maps users can enable a new map layer that displays COVID-19 info. This layer displays locations in different colors to indicate the severity of active cases.

Locations in grey have less than 1 case, while yellow indicates 1 to 10 cases. Higher number of cases are indicated by shades of red, with dark red denoting 40+ cases. 

The map layer also indicates whether cases in an area are rising or declining. Data is based on a 7-day average for new cases per 100,000 people. Only select locations in the Philippines have province- and city-level data.

More information is available via Google’s Help Center.

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