Google to replace Sykes in BPO operations in the Philippines following an alleged online scam


Google is choosing to cut its partnership with the local arm of Sykes in the Philippines after an event surfaced that sees a number of its employees engaging in an online scam.

The incident primarily involved three Sykes employees who were found stealing and converting stolen Google online gift cards into bitcoin, costing Php60 million in total, across an undetermined period.

In addition to the said scam, a small minority of Sykes employees were reportedly violating Sykes’ standards of conduct, an issue which persisted in the span of few months.

Sykes confirmed taking swift action against the people involved in the transgression, citing adherence to company policies.

While the report from the Cebu Daily News did not specify what the violations committed are, it did state the dismissal of those involved.

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There is no statement yet whether Sykes is filing criminal charges against the offenders.

In light of the events, a social media post has circulated a rumor stating that as many as 300 employees of the company were dismissed from their jobs. But hearsay that Sykes itself dismissed as untrue, stating that those who were not directly involved in the issue were merely reassigned to different programs.

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