The mad advancements in technology just got even better as Google’s project of self-driving vehicles has now logged more than 300,000 miles without meeting a single accident. Driving is fun when we were still on the verse of learning and enjoying it but when we experience the stress given by traffic, it is a different story. However, this development won’t save you from the headache so soon because you still have to wait a few more years.


The number of vehicles being tested are about a dozen and throughout the test it all met different weather disturbances and traffic conditions. Interestingly, they have driven tons of miles by now and they haven’t produced any problems yet.

This self-driving car project of Google seems more interesting to me than the Google Glass. I mean, if this technology can be fully developed in the upcoming years, it will save us a lot of trouble. Indeed, this is extremely a first in terms of robotics research.

During the 300,000 miles adventure, the self-driven cars were powered by “advance computer science” but it can also be controlled by humans if the need arises.

The technology will still be in continuous development and is far away from completion. However, the team behind the self-driving cars from Google will implement new tests in more unpredictable weather conditions to further enhance the capability of the cars. Also, a new vehicle named Lexus RX450h will also join the team to help refine their system on different terrains and different environments.

This breakthrough is truly amazing and exciting given the possibilities that this may give mankind. What do you think? Will you let the computer drive for you?

{ source: Google Blog }

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