In the midst of this unexpected weather disturbances, we should always have enough load balance or credits in our cellphones in order to reach out to our relatives and the authority in times of need. Thankfully, Smart and Globe gave their subscribers the chance to obtain SMS credits if ever they don’t have one with them or they couldn’t go out to get some due to the heavy rains that’s pouring in as we speak.

How to Get Emergency SMS Credits for SMART

  • Dial and Call *767. After that, you’ll receive 3 SMS emergency credits and Php1 airtime balance.

How to Get Emergency SMS Credits for GLOBE

  • TextĀ GTSOS and send it to 3733. After that, you’ll get 3 SMS emergency credits. In your next reload, Php4 will automatically be deducted from it.


Let’s all hope and pray that this heavy rainfall will soon end. Take care guys!

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  1. hai bakit ganun puro 1 day lang promo ng globe ang gastos sa load nanga2in pa ng load haiiiiiiii talaga grabe buti pa smart sulit talaga kc dmi promo, mas mas nakatipid sana ganun din ang globe>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. Di pwede mangutang sa globe kapag zero load ka… eh bakit ba nangungutang kasi diba walang load?


    P3 lang ang mauutang pero P4 ang made-deduct kapag nagload ka..
    Bad globe.. Baaaad…. *facepalm*