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Philippine Red Cross’ Amphibians in Action, Find the Emergency Numbers Here

Pray for the Philippines

Former Senator and current Chairman Richard Gordon of Philippine Red Cross already deployed their so-called “Amphibian” vehicles last tuesday night to help people in need due to the heavy rains which hit the metro and nearby provinces that caused massive destructions. The large vehicles were acquired from the United States a year after the “Ondoy” tragedy.

Philippine Red Cross Amphibians

As stated in PRC‘s website, the Amphibians were obtained to “”enhance the organization’s rescue capabilities in times of disasters.” The photos of the vehicles were posted in the official Facebook fan page of former senator Dick Gordon and in just a couple of hours, it managed to go viral amounting to 10,000+ shares by now and still counting. Filipinos were amazed by the vehicles and they even wished to have a couple of those wheels on their place to rescue them.

What can these Philippine Red Cross Amphibians do?

Well, it can carry about 5 tons of cargo or 34 passengers(including the operator) per ride. This is much better than the usual waterboats and trucks as it is more capable of handling the heavy storm – plus the cool look. I really hope that our government would take this vehicles in consideration because it will be very helpful during calamities if we will have more of these.

Emergency Numbers Philippines

Emergency Numbers Philippines

Pray for the Philippines
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Today has been a very bad day for many Filipinos as the heavy rains destroyed lots of properties and even took some lives. I am very lucky to be sitting here and writing about the phenom but I am not happy seeing those photos and videos of suffering Filipinos from the television and social networking sites. For all those who are safe, please do take a minute of your time to pray for our fellow Pinoys  that’s enduring this challenge. May God bless us all.


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