Smart Communications brings in a new wave in recovering your loss contacts through a service dubbed as Smart SIMSafe. Basically, SIMSafe is mainly focused on getting back your stored numbers but it has another important feature – it can also get your mobile number back. Yes, you won’t have to worry about misplacing your SIM card or worst – your phone.


The luxury of retaining your mobile number and a back up of your contacts isn’t free. Of course, with this new service, it is bound to cost a fee. It is not that big though as you only need to pay Php120 to have access to the service for one whole year. Imagine, that’s only Php10/month and you’ll lose the all headache of changing or losing SIM cards!

Now, you want to avail of the service? Follow the simple steps below on how to register to the Smart SIMSafe service.

1. Type REG and send it to 7467. (the text will be charged Php1)

2. You will receive a text message containing further instructions and terms and conditions in using the service. If you want to continue, you need to agree.

3. To agree, you need to send in a text message in this format. Confirming your subscription will cost you Php120 which will be deducted from your current prepaid load balance.

*Format: AGREE Password First Name Last Name Email
Here’s an example

AGREE AdamCP Adam Carlo Parnala and send to 7467

4. A text message will be sent to you for additional guidance in the process and on how to         store your contacts.

If the unexpected thing happen when you accidentally loss your SIM card or phone, you can follow these steps to get your mobile number and contacts back.

1. Use another Smart or Talk n’ Text powered phone. Text LOSS to 7467.

2. You will receive further instructions on how to claim your sim card replacement and how to retrieve your contacts in your Smart SIMSafe subscription.

3. Alternatively, you can also go to a Smart Wireless Center and report about what happened. To validate your subscription, you will need to bring a valid ID and the password you used in your registration.

I really think that this new SIMSafe service from Smart is excellent to help save people (prepaid users) the hassle of changing mobile numbers and retrieving important contact numbers. Accidents really do happen and we will not be ready everytime so it is much better to shell in a small and worthy investment. Email synchronization and back-ups are good, but this is absolutely in a different league.

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