Does your phone lag too often? Are you tired of waiting for those slow responses? Well, aside from the low internal memory, this is one of the most common problems of android users. In my other post, we already solved the low memory problem. Today we will now focus on  speeding up your phone and freeing up more RAM for you have a better android experience.

V6 Supercharger Script was made by XDA member, Zeppelirox. The V6 Supercharger script contains valuable and capable tweaks to amazingly increase the speed of your android phone. It has some kernel and vm tweaks which will provide you a better UI responsiveness and a mightier RAM management that will give you 30Mb+  more RAM. It is best suited for those devices which has a tiny RAM. The script will also allow you to have a better gaming experience because of the said modifications.

NOTE: In order to do this tweak, you must have root access in your android phone. If you still don’t have, try to root your phone first. Otherwise, leave this guide.

Here are the steps you should follow.

  1. First, download Script Manager and BusyBox v1.16.2 or higher (No need to download and install BusyBox if you are using CyanogenMod as your ROM). You can get Script manager and BusyBox Installer for free in Google Play Store
  2. Download your preffered version of the v6 Supercharger script. You can get it HERE.
  3. After gathering the needed files, launch Script Manager. Choose browse as root.
  4. Browse your SD card and find the v6 Supercharger Script you downloaded earlier.
  5. Select Run as Root ONLY. Run the script. (Caution: Don’t select run at Boot)
  6. Wait for the options to come out.
  7. When prompted to choose your scrolling speed, You can Fast, Normal or Slow. It’s up to you what you would want to select but if you’d ask me I’ll choose Normal. 
  8. When you are already in the driver options, the script will automatically detect how much RAM your phone has and it will suggest what number you can choose from 1-30. However, you can choose whatever you want and try to experiment on which will work better for you.
  9. If you have a 256Mb RAM, you can choose number 7 to massively increase your RAM (This is just a suggestion). If you have 512Mb or higher RAM, you can choose the higher numbers to know which works best for you.
  10. Once the script finishes it’s process, reboot your phone for the modification to be set. You can check if you are successful by running the script again. It should show 100% Supercharged. If not, try experimenting and put a higher hp setting. 
  11. If for some reason you would want to remove the effect of the script, you can run the script and select number 15 to Unsupercharge your device and it will revert back the old settings.

There! You will now have a faster device thanks to V6 Supercharger developer Zeppelinrox. Try and play around your phone to notice the increase in speed. You can also check your RAM and there you will see that it has increased. Additionally, you can check out my guide on how to use link2sd to have ample space for your games and apps.

If you have problems, questions or comments, please post it below and I would gladly help you. Enjoy your new found speed!

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  1. Newbie here with Galaxy y running on CyanoCream V4 ask lang po ano po aba yung mga scripts na dapat gamitin ng mga newbies > XD

  2. how to check if your device is 100% supercharged na? kasi nag iba ako ng rom baka na bura din ung supercharged nya… tnx

  3. Pwede po ba to sa Lenovo A706 rooted lang po ..
    wala po akong makitang ROM ee :(
    HELP naman po .

  4. I got instructions from one of the forum, my only problem is with the busybox, it fails to install for all versions.

    1. Download a script

    2. Install BusyBox (Attached! – see install instructions above the attachments)

    3. Install Script Manager (Browse as Root in Config)

    4. Load script into Script Manager (Run As Root – the skull and crossbones icon which turns green when selected)

    5. Follow instructions/user prompts & select what you want

  5. You didn’t mention about the busybox, I’m having a hard time installing it and it always fails :-(