The CyanogenMod team which usually comes up with a rooted Custom ROM for Android devices recently came up with the idea of disabling root access at the installation of the CyanogenMod 9. This action is designated to address the security of the users to prevent unauthorized app or malwares to take control of your device and compromise your security and privacy.


However, CyanogenMod 9 Custom ROMs can still be rooted but in a new way. The team provides its users to use and select only which they want to have root access thus it is rooting in a configurable manner.

These are the options:

  • Disable Root
  • Enable Root for ADB use only
  • Enable Root for Apps only
  • Enable Root for both Apps and ADB

This choices are best for those users who are not knowledgeable on how this things work so they can quickly disable it for their security. For those advanced users, they can easily distinguish which they are going to use and select it. Despite all this current solutions, users will still be the only one who can take good care of their device by being careful in picking which apps you install and use. This move was done to further enhance the use of Root in your system but still carry out those security to everyone.


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  1. so how can we recover to our previous rom if the installation failed if it will be unrooted?

  2. noob question po…i rooted myphone a818 successfully.. what do i do next? i want to make it faster and smoother..coz when i have many apps, it became laggy..

    pls help, tnx! ;)