Producing new and innovative smartphones are easy but there’s one thing that a lot of manufacturers are omitting — software updates. But that’s not the case with HMD Global, the current licensee of Nokia smartphones.

Even if the newest Android version is still on the horizon, the company already confirmed that Android O will be coming to Nokia 6, 5, and 3.

Android O, which is expected to be made available Google-made devices in Q3 of this year. But history already taught us that it takes manufacturers several months to provide the latest software updates. Manufacturers would have to reconfigure the new update to work well with their own UI (i.e TouchWiz, ColorOS).

But thankfully, it seems like it wouldn’t be the case for the new Nokia devices. The triplets run pretty much in stock Android Nougat interface, hence, no need to go through special redesigning. We can expect the Android O update to hit these Nokia smartphones earlier than other manufacturers.

“The smartphones will get the Android O update once the new release is available from Google for their OEM partners, the same way HMD Global is committed to the monthly Android security updates”. — a spokesperson from HMD Global told TechRadar.

Hopefully, the updates will arrive before the holiday season to serve as HMD’s early Christmas gift to its customers.

Source: TechRadar

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