Honestbee, an app developed by a start-up from Singapore officially arrives in the Philippines.

The app basically works as an on-demand concierge which provide services like doing the groceries, picking up laundry, or fetching meals from different restaurants.

Honestbee is currently operating in Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Tokyo, and Niseko. And now, they are starting to offer the grocery service in the Philippines.

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The service utilizes a trained concierge/shopper to do the groceries for the user. They do not store the goods themselves in a warehouse. Instead, the app has trustworthy merchant partners like Robinson’s Supermarket, Fresh Options Meat Shop, Foodsource, Solo Meat Group, G-stuff, Boozy PH and AWC.

The goods sold by these merchants are displayed in the smartphone app for the users to choose from. The in-store prices are also indicated within the app.

Honestbee app concierge and delivery service

Once the users finished their shopping list, the concierge will handpick them physically at the actual store. These trained concierges are also tasked to make sure the items have the right expiration date and they can also suggest the most suitable substitutes in case some are not available. The customer can also give specific instructions for each item to be purchased to fit their liking.

According to Honestbee, they can deliver the goods in as fast as two hours. The service’s operation hours are in sync with the standard store hours, which is from 10am to 8pm everyday. They are also operational during weekends and holidays.


But aside from the in-store prices of the goods, there’s an understandable service charge. In every transaction, there’s a Php150 concierge/shopper fee plus an extra Php99 pesos for the delivery. However, Honestbee will waive the handling fee completely if you made a minimum purchase of Php1,500.

The grocery service is just the beginning. The company said that they’ve already launched the laundry pick-up service in the country as well. Meanwhile, the meal delivery from premium partner restaurants will be coming out soon.

Source: Honestbee

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