Honor had just recently established itself as an independent company, after being sold by Huawei. This means that, more than anything, the enterprise can now pursue loftier goals—such as partnering up with notable players in the industry, coming up with its own product, and even going so far as surpassing Huawei’s already established Mate and P series devices.

That is according to Honor CEO, George Zhao, who, following a rather extensive interview by a Chinese media outlet, revealed the obstacles that come with running an independent company as well as its future plans.

Tying up with Qualcomm to produce the Snapdragon 888, which will be key in its Magic series of products, it seems that Honor has already a trick up in its sleeve to meet the objective.

It is not just Qualcomm that Honor is building business relations with, however, as AMD and Intel are also in the picture as well, likely for the Magic series laptops.

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