How your smartphone helps to boost intellectual level

Checking news is a usual habit that suits your morning routine, browsing interesting stories can be a good discharge in the middle of a lunch hour and surfing through rumors is a fun way to relax in the evening.

Reading news is a natural need for everyone from a teenager to businessman. It’s changing accordingly to people’s interests. That’s why we all are looking for a news app to be engaging, trendy and produce various content from local news and politics to entertainment and sport.

News App That You Can Trust

Filipinos consume an enormous number of data on daily basis. We all love our smartphones spending almost 3 hours daily on surfing social media and browsing internet. The significant time we dedicate to the newsfeed. Choosing the trustworthy news app is a smart thing to do for getting relevant information in a user-friendly manner.

How your smartphone helps to boost intellectual level 2

The young but confident player in this niche is KAMI app launched a few months ago. The app is designed especially for the Philippines and customized for Filipino needs: expensive mobile traffic and slow connection. Using an “offline mode” of KAMI app you read the news without wasting money on the mobile internet.

Don’t leave home without it

The app is free of charge and can be found in Top-3 News Charts in the Philippines app stores, being loved by both Android and iOS users. Success is easily explained by its fast work, exciting daily news along with an option to customize your feed.

Getting stuck in traffic (or lectures, dull meetings, etc.) is less boring now. The breaking news, local insights and entertaining stories – that’s what you get installing KAMI on your smartphone.

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