Huawei has patented a new material that will solve one of the main issues on smartphones — the battery lifespan.

As you know, lithium-ion batteries that smartphone uses deteriorate over time, which can degrade the device’s performance. Huawei tries to answer that by developing a new silicon-carbon composite material.


As per the patent filing, it’s a durable composite material made possible by an alkaline layer covering the core. The silicon core is then filled with amorphous carbon.

It also has tiny pores that are no more than 5nm, which helps reduce the contact area between the electrolyte and silicon material. All these combined will reduce the chance of side reaction to prolong the battery lifespan ultimately.

Moreover, a graphite skeleton can reduce the volumetric expansion and contraction that will keep material’s the energy density and structural stability.

While it can prolong the battery lifespan, no word yet if it can actually make them more efficient. Still, this is great news for people who plan on using their devices for years and years.

Via: GizChina

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