Lalamove’s food delivery arm, LalaFood, announced that it would be ending its operations on February 15, 2021.

For a quick history lesson, LalaFood was started back in 2018 as Lalamove wanted to explore the food delivery market. Now, about three years later, LalaFood announced that they would be ceasing its operations.

In an announcement made on Facebook, LalaFood said their last day of operations would be on February 15, 2021.

Lalamove noted that, although it has learned a lot from its food delivery arm, the company will shift all its focus to its core business — the Lalamove delivery business.

The company then showed its gratitude to all of LalaFood’s customers and its partner riders and merchants.

They may have lost LalaFood, but they aim to achieve a strong 2021 for its core Lalamove delivery service in the Philippines.

Lalamove also promised to strengthen its investments in the Philippines to give more opportunities for its employees and riders, and its customers.

With that, the company revealed its plans to expand in Manila and Pampanga. You can read the full statement below.


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