US sanctions imposed on Chinese tech giants like HUAWEI sure made a huge impact on their business. But, they continued to defy the odds and were able to release the groundbreaking Kirin 9006C.

The new HUAWEI Kirin 9006C might not be as impressive as what Qualcomm and MediaTek offer, but the highlight here is how they were able to achieve the 5nm feat without US technology.


Like the Kirin 9000S found on the HUAWEI Mate 60 from months ago, this new one is also manufactured by the Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC).

The Kirin 9006C has eight ARM CPU cores that include four A77 performance cores and A55 efficiency cores with a clock speed of 3.13GHz — all in a 5nm process node.

It made its debut on the HUAWEI Qingyun L540 laptop, which isn’t the most interesting tech product around. However, it should have its proper grand entrance once the HUAWEI P70 series comes out in early 2024, which is rumored to sport this new processor.

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