The US ban pushed Huawei to build its Android OS replacement, HarmonyOS. To make the most out of it, the company’s consumer business director Richard Yu opened up the possibility of sharing its homemade software to other smartphone manufacturers.

Yu said that Huawei might be open to sharing HarmonyOS to other smartphone OEMs just in case they can’t obtain a license to use Google Mobile Services (GMS). Huawei’s own Mobile Services (HMS) and HarmonyOS is now being used on new Huawei smartphones that came out since they lose the license.

HarmonyOS, which is now in its version 2.0, is tested on smartphones with select partners and developers. A couple of high-end Huawei phones are currently beta testing the said interface.

It’s said that HarmonyOS 2.0’s development is going great and may already have all the features to be a complete alternative to Android.

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However, just like the issues we had on EMUI 11-running Huawei phones that lack GMS, the apps available on the Huawei App Gallery — Huawei’s alternative to the Google Play Store — is still very limited. Even a couple of the most popular apps in the world are still absent.

Chances are, Huawei’s objective in sharing its own operating system with other brands is so more developers are enticed to bring their apps to the Huawei ecosystem.

Via: GizChina

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  1. Perhaps Huawei could look after and respect its existing customer base before attracting new custom.
    Huawei make great phones, but in the UK service and technical assistance is dire.
    For example, the P30 lite can not capture photos in RAW format because Huawei did not enable RAW in the P30 lite operating system,despite the kirin chipset being capable.
    For nearly a year, Huawei have been asked to issue an update to enable RAW photo format on the P30 lite and the UK personnel have been disrespectful, shown sheer and utter incompetence, ignored emails, denied the facts, and even lied.
    Their intransigence knows no bounds and in the UK the Huawei support structure is not fit for purpose.
    So, Huawei, show some respect and loyalty to those who trusted you, by sending out an update that allows the P30 lite to take photographs in RAW mode.
    I would like a reply please from Huawei.