The HarmonyOS—Huawei’s own operating system—ecosystem is seeing rapid growth, which, paired with an external factor, is soon becoming Huawei’s default OS for its products.

Huawei has been hard at work in developing its own system software and whose only setback at the moment is a relatively fewer apps in its current ecosystem, causing the delay of its launch. 

But considering the pace of its advancement and the Windows Phone OS acting as a precedent, it is quite unlikely that Huawei is going to repeat the same mistake as Microsoft did. At least, the company cannot afford to should it wish to stay in competition and entrench itself in a lucrative and ever-growing industry.


The scope at which the HarmonyOS (aka Hongmeng OS) is going to operate in is broad, covering many of Huawei’s internet-of-things devices, computers, and smartphones.

In a report by IT Home, Huawei CEO Yu Chengdong claims that, at its current state, the HarmonyOS’ ecosystem is at the top three in the world, ranking behind Android and iOS. While the statement is open for interpretations, it only shows how the giant Chinese tech company is committed in standing up to competition in an altogether new space—software. 


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