HyperX has just unveiled its updated rendition of the DDR4 DIMM with Predator and FURY that sports up 4800MHz clock speed and 256GB memory capacity.

All RAM sticks are Intel XMP Certified—therefore, can be clocked higher beyond baseline frequency speed—and approved by AMD to be “Ready for Ryzen.”

Having an enhanced capability over its pre-existing siblings, the Predator lineup see latencies between C12 and C19 that runs up to 4800MHz. 

Sleek-looking due to its black PCB design, the memory modules are also significantly efficient in thermoregulation, too, thanks to its complementing black aluminum heat spreader.

Coming in as a pair, in four, or in eight sticks, high-end machines can take advantage of up to 256GB of memory.

For those seeking a great alternative to Predator, there is also the FURY lineup which offers a simple Plug and Play 2400MHz and 2666MHz varieties. However, the best in this lineup is capable of 3733MHz clock speeds and 128GB memory capacity.

Prices for these new HyperX DDR4 memory kits start at $71 and can be as high as $1310.

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